Saturday, 13 April 2013

French artist Neil Turner picture from EBay

Love it or hate it?

I love!


  1. I was wondering about your blog tagline. Peep into my life? Isn't it a peek into my life? Isn't a peep something you say or those little candies kids eat at Easter?

    1. Hiya Debbie that made me think! Ha Ha

      peep 1
      1 I peeped through the keyhole: look quickly, cast a brief look, take a secret look, spy, take a sly/stealthy look, sneak a look, peek, have a peek, glance, peer; Scottish keek; informal take a gander, have a look-see, give someone/something a/the once-over, have a squint; Brit. informal have a dekko, have/take a butcher's, take a shufti.
      2 the moon peeped through a chink in the clouds: appear (slowly/partly), show, come into view/sight, make an appearance, put in an appearance, present oneself/itself, become visible, emerge, issue, peek, peer out, surface, loom, show one's/its face, come to light, spring up, pop up.
      I'll just take a peep at it: quick look, brief look, sly look, stealthy look, sneaky look, peek, glance, glimpse, look, peer; Scottish keek; informal gander, look-see, squint, eyeful; Brit. informal dekko, butcher's, shufti.

  2. Hi! how are you?
    you're last post is already a while ago...
    come on girl, keep on blogging!

    greetings from Holland


    1. Hey thats encouraging... Im going through a divorce and its been so awful I didn't feel like blogging but I think I'm feeling a some new energy! X

    2. How are you doing now?

      greetings from Holland,



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